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IET Guide to Data Centre Power Systems

The IET Standards team would like to make Wiring Matters readers aware that the upcoming IET Guide to Data Centre Power Systems is now available as a Draft for Public Comment.

This new title has been created by the IET in conjunction with Ian Bitterlin and aims to provide a comprehensive guide for anyone involved in the specification, design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of data centre power systems.

This page is open to the public subject to the following terms:

  • You may download the documents for your own use in reviewing content as part of the DPC process
  • No further electronic copying is allowed without written permission
  • You are permitted to pass on the web link to the registration page for other people to register with and review documents
  • You are not permitted to create a direct link to any of the DPC documents
  • You are requested to return any comments using the DPC comment form provided
  • The form should be electronically sent to the relevant Portfolio Development Manager using the email link on the page.

Please find the DPC page in the Consultations section of the website.