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Current consultations are listed below. Please ensure you follow the instructions for downloading the documents and submitting comments and pay attention to the closing dates for comment submission.

Current consultations

There are currently no live consultations.


Closed consultations

Previous consultations include:

  1. Temporary Electrical Systems - A guide to the application of BS 7671 and BS 7909 for events, 2nd Edition
  2. Open combined protective and neutral (PEN) conductor detection devices (OPDDs)
  3. Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems, 3rd Edition
  4. On-Board Guide: Electrical Safety for Small Craft
  5. Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation, 5th Edition
  6. Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management, 2nd Edition
  7. Code of Practice for Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems, 2nd Edition
  8. Guide to Electrical Maintenance, 2nd Edition
  9. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guide for Local Authorities
  10. Guide to implementing Electrified Heat in Domestic Properties
  11. Code of Practice for Cyber Security in the Built Environment, 2nd Edition
  12. Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems, 2nd Edition
  13. Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, 3rd Edition
  14. Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems, 2nd Edition
  15. Electrician Apprenticeship Standard for Professional Registration.