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Electrical safety

Guidance Framework for Competence Management

This guide provides a framework for a Competence Management System (CMS) that is simple and has a focus on practicable implementation. The guidance is aimed at all enterprises involving activities associated with engineering disciplines.

Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management, 2nd Edition

This 2nd Edition of the Code of Practice delivers good practice guidance enabling individuals and their organisations to have a level of knowledge and understanding to manage the risks associated with an electrical system.

Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management in the Highway Electrical Sector

The Code of Practice provides information and guidance on managing risks associated with the highway electrical sector.

Code of Practice for Electromagnetic Resilience

The Code of Practice on Electromagnetic Resilience covers risk management of electromagnetic interference (EMI) for safety-related systems.

Guide to Highway Electrical Street Furniture

This free-to-download Guide addresses the electrical safety considerations and requirements relating to all electrical street furniture that may be expected to be found within the public realm.