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Code of Practice for Building Infrastructures for Healthcare ICT

There are constant advances in digital and medical technology while the amount of data to be stored, processed or transferred rises continuously and the need to support smart phones, tablets, laptops as well as other mobile devices belonging to staff, patients, carers and the public grows.

As the critical dependency on digital technology increases, the delivery of safe, effective and efficient healthcare requires systems and services to meet the highest standards of availability, reliability and responsiveness.

Within this context the underlying infrastructure needed in buildings to support ICT must be capable of fully meeting not only existing but also future demands. This infrastructure includes network cabling, 'comms' rooms as well as other accommodation for equipment or cabling, and M&E services.

This Code of Practice sets out how to apply relevant network cabling standards in healthcare premises. It covers:

  • Project and risk management
  • Logical design and architecture
  • Implementation (specification, documentation and installation) within buildings and outside them
  • Specific healthcare considerations such as infection control

Building Infrastructures for Healthcare ICT is an IET Code of Practice aimed predominantly at the ICT, estates/facilities and clinical engineering departments in healthcare organisations, but will also be of value to healthcare premises owners, developers and landlords, building design and construction professionals and the wider ICT industry.

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