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Past webinars

Temporary Power Distribution

James Eade CEng MIET
Jamie Holmes IEng MIET

Foundation Earthing and Lightning Protection

Robin Earl TMIET
Sean Passant MIET
Lawrence Harrington EngTech TMIET


Responsibilities for those in an electrical installation design role

John Peckham IEng MIET LCGI
EUR ING Graham Kenyon BEng(Hons) CEng MIET TechIOSH
Colin B Penfold Eng Tech ARAeS MIET (Chair)

EICRs – Coding, and the link to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

Nikki Dennis EngTech MIET
Mark Coles BEng (Hons) MIET
Alex Gray BEng (Hons) CEng MIET


RCDs: Selection, Types and Testing

EUR ING Graham Kenyon BEng(Hons) CEng MIET TechIOSH
John Peckham IEng MIET LCGI
Colin Penfold EngTech ARAeS MIET



The Importance of Firestopping for Electrical Installations

Michael Peace CEng MIET
Philip Hewer CEng MIET
Adam Pocock CEng MIET


UPS Systems and Generators

Eur Ing Leon Markwell MSc BSc CEng MIET MCIBSE LCGI


Mark Coles BEng (Hons) MIET (Chair)

Electric Shock and Prevention

John Peckham IEng MIET




Harmonics and Power Quality Analysis

Alex Gray CEng MIET
Paul Skyrme MEng, BSc(Hons), IEng, MIET, MSOE, MBES, SIIRSM, TechIOSH, CMSE®


Electrical Diversity and Diversity Factor/Load and Electric Vehicle Charging

Mark Coles BEng(Hons) MIET
Graham Kenyon CEng MIET


Protective Earthing


Graham Kenyon CEng MIET
John Peckham IEng MIET