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Electrotechnical Assessment Specification and Qualifications Guide

This Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS) replaces the previous EAS (January 2020) and is intended for use by Certification and Registration Bodies undertaking the Assessment of Enterprises carrying out Electrotechnical work. The changes listed on page 2 of the updated EAS are to be implemented as noted.

The Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS) describes:

  • The minimum requirements for an enterprise (e.g, contractor) to be recognised by a certification body as competent to undertake electrotechnical work. It includes the minimum technical competence requirements for enterprises to be considered competent to carry out electrical installation work in dwellings in accordance with Part P of the building regulations in England and Wales.
  • The competence requirements for registered Qualified Supervisors and of electrical inspectors.
  • Requirements for compliance with the Scottish building standards.
  • Interpretation of the general requirements for bodies operating product certification (including process and service) schemes to ISO/IEC17065
  • Notes of the main amendments to the EAS are listed on Page 2 of the document

The EAS has been prepared by a management committee that includes representatives of the competent person scheme providers, trade associations, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Welsh Government, Electrical Safety First and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The IET provides administrative support to the EAS Management Committee and provides for the publication of the standard on its website.

The EAS is provided for download in PDF format free of charge for use by Certification and Registration Bodies and Enterprises carrying out Electrotechnical work and may be quoted in other documents if an attribution to the source is made.

The specification is prepared as part of the support of the electrical industry (and other interested parties) in introducing electrical safety and competence into the Building Regulations.

October 2021

This Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS) replaces the previous EAS (January 2020).

The changes listed on page 2 of the updated EAS are to be implemented as noted.

EAS Qualifications Guide

The EAS Qualifications Guide is developed under the direction of the EAS Management Committee to provide supporting information to the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification Appendix 4 regarding the requirements for qualified supervisors and persons carrying out electrical inspection and testing.

The guide is to be used by scheme applicants, Enterprises and Certification/Registration Bodies to identify the eligible qualifications that are acceptable to Certification/Registration Bodies for the work categories within the EAS, as well as providing guidance when the required qualifications are not held.

The guide has a refreshed format and the wording has been updated throughout for clarification and consistency.  The new Domestic Electrician apprenticeship and Experienced Worker Assessment are now included. Older qualifications have been reviewed and updated.

Access previous version of the EAS Qualifications Guide