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Are you a student or apprentice working towards an electrotechnical career – or a working installer or electrician wanting to brush up on your knowledge? We’re here to support you. Have a look at our book, the Student’s Guide to the IET Wiring Regulations, and keep an eye on this page to keep updated with new material.

BS 7671: Student's hub

This publication is written with you in mind: it’s clearly written, highly illustrated and takes you through each fundamental topic that you’ll need to understand when pursuing your studies and entering your careers. Topics include generation and transmission, earthing and bonding, and fault finding.

This publication provides essential guidance for learners working towards the successful completion of courses and gaining qualifications in line with the standards set by the awarding bodies. It’s been endorsed by the Plain English Campaign – so you can trust that it has been written as clearly as possible.

If you don't have your copy yet, you can order one here.

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About the author

Steven Devine has a passion for providing students with a clearer understanding of the importance of standards and regulations – who is actually responsible for them and how much voluntary time is contributed from experts from the electrotechnical industry.

Steven came to the IET from an educational background, having lectured at Cambridge College. He also serves as Secretary to Panel C Shock Protection, one of the four panels that makes up the decision-making committee behind the IET Wiring Regulations, JPEL/64.

NEW: Job Profile Bank

We are keen to show young electricians the breadth of jobs they can do with their electrical qualifications, so we have set up this Job Profile Bank here on the Student’s Hub. This is an ongoing project so there will be more job roles being added over the coming months. We have interviewed real people doing these jobs to give you an insight into what their jobs are really like.


VIDEO: Student’s Guide author and Electrical Engineer Steven Devine takes us through the risk assessment procedures.

VIDEO: Student’s Guide author and Electrical Engineer Steven Devine takes us through the process of safe isolation.

VIDEO: Steven Devine discusses the fundamental steps to check continuity of ring final conductors

VIDEO: Presentations from Steven Devine, James Eade and the MICC at the Isle of Wight Student's Guide Roadshow

 VIDEO: Steven Devine talks about insulation resistance

 VIDEO: Steven Devine speaks to electrical students and lecturers at Cambridge Regional College about the IET Wiring Regulations

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