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Electrical Safety Management: video and book giveaway

In the Autumn 2015 issue of Wiring Matters we published an article on electrical safety management (ESM). The need to understand ESM is motivated by the very significant penalties and consequences that might arise if you don’t understand ESM.

My colleagues in Standards have put together the video below about ESM. The video is a great tool for presenting to Human Resource departments or to owners of small businesses, who may not realise the risks of not following good practice.

Electrical Safety Management

For more information, the Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management is available to purchase for £130.00 (member price £84.50).

Book giveaway

Have you worked with clients who have terrible electrical safety management? Have you witnessed any horror stories? We’d love to hear from you. We’re happy for you to keep all client-related information anonymous. Please submit your stories to One name will be randomly drawn from a hat and will receive a free copy of the Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management.