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Young Engineering Professionals event: the future of engineering

Nicole Whitton reports on the Young Engineering Professionals event.

On 30th April, BSI, GAMBICA, BEAMA and the IET hosted a fantastic day for young engineering professionals – those studying engineering at university and those recently starting out in their professional careers. The overall aim of the day was to improve awareness of standard-setting, not only how standards are used on a daily basis and are essential for developing future technology successfully, but also getting young engineers to think about standard-setting as a future career option.

We had a fantastic range of speakers at the event – all the speeches were recorded and streamed live on and are now available for viewing on-demand on our recently launched Wiring Matters video channel.

  • Warren East CBE, CEO of ARM Holdings (and future CEO of Rolls-Royce) spoke about how the aim of engineering is to tame science and nature to make our lives as humans better – and how standards allow us to collaborate to ensure that the aim of engineering is achieved.
  • Gary Atkinson, Director of Emerging Technology at ARM, discussed how various industries can interact and relate, and function better, as part of the Internet of Things.
  • Jacqui Taylor, Founder and CEO of FlyingBinary, spoke about how smart cities are the first step towards achieving the Internet of Things.
  • Professor Paul Newman, BP Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford and lead of the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group, asked us: what do we need from robots? What is the ‘ingredients list’ for the making of a successful – and, most importantly – useful robot? 
  • Christopher Baker-Brian, co-founder and CTO of BBOXX, spoke about his experiences as an entrepreneurial engineer has made real change in the world, providing people in Africa and the developing world with the opportunity of electric light for what is often the first time.
  • Dame Ann Dowling closed the event by talking about the importance of engineering to various industries – and how engineering can save lives and make a real difference.

The attendees were invited to apply to win an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the IEC standard-setting meeting in Minsk in 2015. The three winners are Roberto Fernandez, Emily Gould and Juliano Katrib – a big congratulations to them! The outline details of the event can be found at

From left to right: Geoff Young, Juliano Katrib, Roberto Fernandez, Emily Gould and Scott Steedman