Amendment No. 3: lighting and luminaires

Chief Engineer Geoff Cronshaw looks at how lighting and luminaires have been affected by Amendment No. 3.


Sections 559, 714 and 715: luminaires and lighting installations 

Amendment No. 3 introduces a number of notable changes to align the BS 7671 requirements with the latest versions of both the IEC and CENELEC standards. Examples of these intended changes include:

  • moving the requirements for outdoor lighting and extra-low voltage lighting installations from Section 559 to two new sections, Section 714 and Section 715;
  • requirements for the type of devices that are to be used for the connection of luminaires to the supply and the protection of cables against heat and UV radiation effects within luminaires; and
  • the introduction of requirements for protection against electric shock for display stand luminaires.

Section 715 Extra-low Voltage Lighting

Amendment No. 3 makes a number of notable changes to align the latest IEC requirements with the latest CENELEC requirements, including:

  • the types of wiring systems permitted;
  • voltage drop in consumer’s installations; and
  • requirements for isolation, switching and control.

Section 714 Outdoor Lighting Installations

Amendment No. 3 makes only minor changes to outdoor lighting installations. One important change is that individual circuits will be required to be isolated.