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Have you ever wondered who is responsible for lighting in a theatre? Or who puts together the sound system for live bands? It could be you!

We are keen to show young electricians the breadth of jobs they can do with their electrical qualifications, so we have set up this Job Profile Bank on the Student’s Hub. This is an ongoing project so there will be more job roles being added over the coming months. We have interviewed real people doing these jobs to give you an insight into what their jobs are really like.

We hope to create a wide collection of job profiles so that young electricians can be inspired to work in many different areas of the electrical industry!

Please let us know if there are any areas of the electrotechnical industry you would like to see in the jobs profile bank and we’ll do our best to get an interview with someone in that area.

If you have an interesting role and you’d like us to interview you, please get in touch!

Domestic Installer

Regional Manager - Electrical Inspector

Entertainment industry

Education sector

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