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Wiring Matters

Wiring Matters - Autumn Issue 2016

New videos published on the Student’s Hub

Author of the Student’s Guide to the IET Wiring Regulations Steven Devine presents two technical videos relating to testing and inspection.

Published May 2016

Testing & Inspection 1: Testing Continuity of Circuit Protective Conductors (CPC)

Testing the continuity of the circuit protective conductor (CPC) correctly is absolutely essential to confirm that your installation is safe, meets the requirements of the Wiring Regulations as well as to complete exams in accordance with the requirements of awarding bodies.

Published July 2016

Testing & Inspection 2: Insulation Resistance

Testing the insulation resistance of a circuit is another essential test that must be correctly carried out so that you can determine an installation is safe, meets the requirements of the IET Wiring Regulations and satisfies assessment requirements in accordance with awarding bodies.

About the Student’s Hub

The Student’s Hub showcases all material produced by the IET that might be of interest to those studying and working towards becoming an electrician.

The Hub includes videos and news relevant to students, as well as the brand-new Job Profile Bank to give young electricians and students an idea of what they can do with their qualifications.

About the Student’s Guide to the IET Wiring Regulations

This highly illustrated guide is written with the student in mind. It takes the reader through each fundamental topic that will need to be understood when pursuing studies and entering the electrotechnical industry. Topics include generation and transmission, earthing and bonding, and fault finding.

The publication has been endorsed by the Plain English Campaign – meaning the text is clear and easy to understand.

About the author

Steven has a passion for providing students with a clearer understanding of the importance of standards and the Wiring Regulations. His background is in education, having lectured at Cambridge College. He also serves as Secretary to Panel C Shock Protection, one of the four panels that make up the decision-making committee behind the IET Wiring Regulations, JPEL/64.

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