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Electrical Standards Plus – help

Thank you for subscribing to Electrical Standards Plus. Whether you are just getting started, or need help with any aspect of the system, we have a range of helpful guides available.


Having problems logging into ES Plus? Try these troubleshooting steps.

  • You should receive an email with an automatically generated password to the email address you used to register. Do check your bulk, junk or spam folder if this isn’t in your inbox.
  • Log in using your email address as your username and retype the password carefully.Some people have had problems if they copy and paste the password as this can add spaces. Check characters that can easily get confused such as l (L), I (i) and 1.
  • Once you have successfully logged in you can change the password to something more memorable. Remember to use this in future, not the automated password in the first email as this will no longer work.
  • If you forget your password and use the “forgotten password” link, you will receive another email with an automatically generated password. Do take care not to click the reset button more than once as then it will send more than one password reset email and it is easy to try the wrong one. It can take a few seconds for the reset to take place and the email to be sent. Each new automated password email will replace all previous emails. So if you find several in your inbox take care to use the one with the latest date and time.
  • Once you find the latest password reset email then use this automated password to login. Once again, retyping is more reliable than cut and paste.
  • If you still can’t get it to work, please forward the latest password email to and we will investigate further for you

We are currently working on solutions to stop multiple password re-sets to help avoid confusion. More messaging will be added to the login screen to help with the password process.  

Offline access

We have enhanced the ability to make a full copy of Amendment 3 to BS 7671:2008, On-Site Guide and Guidance Notes (including diagrams) offline. Individual sections of each publication can also be downloaded separately as PDFs.  This works most effectively on a laptop using Chrome, Android Tablets and iPads on iOs 8.1.2 or later. See the user guide below for advice on how to download content to each device.

Windows 10 users

ES+ has been tested on Windows 8.1, and should remain operational on Windows 10.  However, users should use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 or 11, rather than the Edge browser which is supplied with Windows 10.

Searching across your offline catalogue (new for September 2015)

We have introduced a new offline search facility. The tool will only search content that you have saved offline, not across all content on Electrical Standards Plus.

There are some significant differences in functionality in the new search tool, which is simpler than the online version:

  • offline search is based on exact word matches and will search only for the exact search term as entered;
  • search results will be displayed in tabs for Wiring Regulations/Guidance/Others as per online searches, but all results per tab will be shown on one page so may require scrolling (online results are displayed 10 to a page).

Read our FAQs

We have put together two sets of frequently asked questions (FAQs), one for individual users of the system and another for system administrators (business and corporate customers). These can be downloaded using the links on the right.

Contact us

If you can’t find the information that you are looking for in these documents, please contact 
IET Customer Services at or phone us on +44 (0)1438 767328.


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