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Electrical Plugs and Wiring and World Electricity Supplies

Electrical Plugs and Wiring and World Electricity Supplies

Author: IEE/BSI Publication

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Author: IEE/BSI Publication

Year: 2005


Pages: 272pp.

ISBN: 978-0-58045-158-4

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Product code: PWR03070

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Scope: This two part international survey has been compiled by technical specialists based on data obtained from the authorities in each of the countries concerned.  It provides essential information for any manufacturer, exporter or supplier of electrical goods or services.  The first part of this A to Z country survey deals with plugs and wiring that would be used with mains-powered household and similar equipment. For most of the countries included, surveys include information on plugs, mains cables, sockets for lamps (bulbs) and building wiring codes. 

Standards and Regulations are included where appropriate, along with certification requirements and test bodies.  The second part of the book consists of tables of the various international electricity supplies, voltages and frequencies.  All domestic, commercial and industrial supplies are included, with some distribution voltages.  Both line voltages and phase voltages are given when identifying the circuit diagram of the supply source connections.

This new title complements the IEE’s impressive series of publications focused on fixed electrical installations in buildings. It is of particular interest to individuals and organisations with an interest in overseas markets.


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