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Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management, e-book


Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management e-book cover

Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management, e-book

Author: IET

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Author: IET

Year: 2012

Format: e-book

Pages: 102

ISBN: 978-1-84919-670-3

Product code: PSES001E

Who is this book for:

The Code of Practice is applicable to a range of job functions that include the management of the safety of an electrical system. This includes those responsible for ensuring there is an appropriate electrical safety policy and associated procedures, those responsible for ensuring that the procedures are implemented, those responsible for the management of specific electrical tasks and those responsible for the safe condition of equipment and machinery.

The Code of Practice will also be of benefit to those individuals that need or wish to improve their knowledge of electrical safety.

The Code of Practice is applicable to a range of individuals that may not be from a traditional electrically trained background or experienced in managing electrical systems. As such they are not likely to have the specific knowledge associated with electrical safety as part of their core competency.

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The aim of the Code of Practice is to provide good practice guidance to enable individuals and their organisations to have a level of knowledge and understanding to manage the risks associated with an electrical system. There are many technical publications that provide guidance on certain aspects of electrical safety but not in a way that provides a process for managing electrical safety.

In achieving this aim, the Code of Practice has the following objectives:

  • To provide the good practice practical guidance in the form of a self-assessment so that the user can follow a systematic approach to understanding the management of various aspects of an electrical system for their organisation
  • For the guidance to be understood and usable by a broad range of individuals technical and non-technical disciplines
  • To enable the end user to create and implement an effective electrical safety management system where nothing is currently in place or to enhance an existing system

The Code of Practice is applicable to the buildings, facilities, equipment and environments associated with a wide range of organisations, irrespective of size, which includes the industrial, commercial and the public sectors.  Example areas include:

  • Central and Local Government premises
  • Educational buildings and campuses
  • Emergency services premises
  • Healthcare establishments and estates
  • Leisure, Hotel and Catering
  • Manufacturing, Industrial, Construction, Warehousing and Distribution
  • Offices
  • Residential property management
  • Retail premises
  • Transport, Ports and Terminals
  • Utilities

The IET Standards Committee developing the Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management, and Unilever’s Group Process Safety Lead, Malcolm Sarstedt, said:

“This new Code of Practice is eminently suitable for large and small firms and will be very useful for hard-pressed managers who do not have time to research what to do, and who would be reassured to comply with a product from an influential and authoritative source such as the IET."